what is mazak cnc machine

Mazak, a trusted name in the manufacturing industry, has recently unveiled its newest addition to the CNC machine lineup – the VC-Ez 16X Vertical Machining Center and MAZATROL SmoothEz5 CNC. These cutting-edge machines offer advanced technology and features to enhance precision, efficiency, and productivity in the manufacturing process.

The Mazak VC-Ez 16X is designed to process small complex parts through 3+2 or full 5-axis machining. With axis travels of 30″ in X, 16.14″ in Y, and 20.08″ in Z, it can accommodate maximum workpiece diameters of 18.11″ by 19.09″ tall. Equipped with a powerful 40-taper, 12,000 rpm, 25 hp spindle, a 30-tool magazine, and a 5-axis rotary/tilt trunnion table, this machine offers versatility and precision.

The VC-Ez 16X incorporates the Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide System, ensuring rigidity, speed, and accuracy in every operation. The MAZATROL SmoothEz5 CNC provides both conversational and G-code programming options, along with real-time machine/servo optimization and thermal stability management.

Key Takeaways

  • Mazak has unveiled the new VC-Ez 16X Vertical Machining Center and MAZATROL SmoothEz5 CNC.
  • The VC-Ez 16X offers 3+2 or full 5-axis machining for processing small complex parts.
  • The machine features a powerful spindle, a 30-tool magazine, and a 5-axis rotary/tilt trunnion table.
  • The Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide System ensures rigidity, speed, and accuracy.
  • The MAZATROL SmoothEz5 CNC offers conversational and G-code programming, real-time optimization, and thermal stability management.

Mazak CNC Machine Features

The Mazak CNC machine offers a variety of impressive features that make it a top choice for manufacturers. From its rugged spindle to its space-saving design, this machine is designed to meet the diverse production needs of different industries.

One of the standout features of the Mazak CNC machine is its powerful 40-taper, 12,000 rpm, 25 hp spindle. This robust spindle provides exceptional cutting capabilities, allowing for efficient machining of various materials. Combined with a 30-tool magazine, the machine ensures quick tool changes and minimizes downtime, enhancing productivity.

Moreover, the machine boasts a 5-axis rotary/tilt trunnion table with roller gear cam technology, which enables 360° of C-Axis rotation and -40° to +110° of B-axis tilting capacity. This versatile table allows for the machining of complex geometries from different angles, expanding the range of parts that can be produced.

To ensure precision and accuracy, the Mazak CNC machine incorporates the Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide System. This cutting-edge guide system guarantees rigidity, speed, and accuracy, resulting in high-quality finished products.

“The Mazak CNC machine combines advanced technology with robust construction, delivering exceptional performance and reliability. Its powerful spindle, versatile table, and precision-guided system make it a valuable asset for manufacturers.”

Additionally, the Mazak CNC machine offers a range of optional features to further enhance its capabilities. These include a 15,000 rpm spindle with increased torque for high-speed machining, an automatic tool changer with a higher capacity for improved workflow, and chip-management options to reduce maintenance downtime.

The compatibility of the Mazak CNC machine with automation solutions enables unattended production, allowing manufacturers to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Mazak CNC Machine Features at a Glance:

Feature Description
Rugged spindle Provides powerful cutting capabilities
Space-saving design Optimizes floor space in the manufacturing facility
Powerful 40-taper spindle Delivers high-speed machining and efficient tool changes
5-axis rotary/tilt trunnion table Allows for complex part production from multiple angles
Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide System Ensures rigidity, speed, and accuracy
Optional features Includes a higher rpm spindle, automatic tool changer, and chip-management options
Compatibility with automation solutions Enables unattended production

To better visualize the features of the Mazak CNC machine, take a look at the image below:

With these exceptional features, the Mazak CNC machine empowers manufacturers to achieve higher levels of precision, efficiency, and productivity in their production processes.

Mazak CNC Machine Benefits

The Mazak CNC machine offers numerous benefits to manufacturers, making it a highly valuable tool in the manufacturing process. From enhanced precision to improved productivity, here are some key benefits that the Mazak CNC machine brings to the table:

Precision and Efficiency

The Mazak CNC machine excels in delivering precise and efficient machining. With the capability to process small, complex parts through 3+2 or full 5-axis machining, manufacturers can achieve exceptional accuracy and consistency in their finished products.

Rugged Spindle and Space-Saving Design

The machine features a rugged spindle that can withstand heavy-duty machining operations, ensuring durability and longevity. Additionally, its space-saving design allows for efficient utilization of floor space, making it suitable for various production needs, even in limited spaces.

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High-Speed Capabilities and Improved Productivity

The Mazak CNC machine is equipped with a powerful spindle and a tool magazine, enabling high-speed machining operations. This, in turn, increases productivity and reduces cycle times, leading to greater output and improved efficiency.

Part-Production Capabilities and Complex Geometries

The 5-axis rotary/tilt trunnion table of the Mazak CNC machine expands part-production capabilities, allowing manufacturers to tackle a wide range of geometries and complex shapes. Its movement range enables the machining of intricate contours and angles to create highly detailed and precise components.

Rigidity, Speed, and Accuracy

The Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide System ensures rigidity, speed, and accuracy. This innovative system utilizes hybrid roller guides that minimize friction and offer improved stability, resulting in superior machining performance and high-quality finished parts.

Enhanced Functionality and Reduced Downtime

The Mazak CNC machine provides various options to enhance functionality and reduce maintenance downtime. This includes the availability of a higher rpm spindle for increased cutting efficiency, an automatic tool changer for seamless tool exchanges, and chip-management features for efficient chip removal, reducing the need for frequent machine stoppages.

Overall, the Mazak CNC machine’s benefits span from precision and efficiency to improved productivity and versatility. These advantages make it an ideal choice for manufacturers seeking advanced machining solutions to optimize their production processes.

Mazak CNC Machine Applications

The Mazak CNC machine offers a wide range of applications across various industries. Its precision and versatility make it ideal for manufacturing small complex parts with utmost accuracy. Let’s explore some of the key industries where Mazak CNC machines excel:

Aerospace and Defense

The Mazak CNC machine plays a crucial role in the aerospace and defense sectors, where precision and reliability are of utmost importance. The machine’s ability to produce intricate and high-quality parts makes it an ideal choice for manufacturing critical components used in aircraft and defense systems.

Medical Devices

In the medical industry, where precision and intricate designs are essential, the Mazak CNC machine proves its worth. Its 5-axis capabilities enable the machining of complex geometries, ensuring the production of medical devices with precise specifications and tight tolerances.


Automotive manufacturers rely on the Mazak CNC machine for producing various components, such as engine parts, transmission components, and intricate automotive designs. The machine’s versatility and accuracy contribute to the effective production of automotive parts that meet the high standards of the industry.

General Machining

Aside from specialized industries, the Mazak CNC machine is also well-suited for general machining operations. It excels in tasks like milling, drilling, and tapping, providing manufacturers with the flexibility to handle a wide range of machining requirements.

Automation Solutions

The Mazak CNC machine’s compatibility with automation solutions further enhances its applications. It enables unattended production, where the machine can run continuously without manual intervention. This significantly increases productivity and efficiency in manufacturing processes, allowing businesses to meet growing demands effectively.

With its broad range of applications, the Mazak CNC machine proves to be a valuable asset across industries, empowering manufacturers with precision, versatility, and enhanced productivity.

Mazak CNC Machine Types

Mazak offers a range of CNC machine types designed to meet various manufacturing needs. These machine types include:

  • Vertical Machining Centers: Ideal for 3-axis and 5-axis machining, vertical machining centers provide precision and flexibility in producing complex parts.
  • Horizontal Machining Centers: Designed for high-volume production and heavy cutting, horizontal machining centers offer efficiency and productivity.
  • Turning Centers: Used for lathe operations such as turning, threading, and drilling, turning centers enable precise and accurate machining.
  • Multi-Tasking Machines: Combining multiple machining processes, including milling, turning, and grinding, multi-tasking machines offer versatility and enhanced efficiency.

Vertical Machining Centers (VMC)

mazak cnc machine types

Vertical machining centers are primarily used for 3-axis and 5-axis machining. They provide the flexibility to produce complex parts with precision. These machines feature a vertical spindle orientation, allowing for easy access to the workpiece and efficient chip evacuation. Vertical machining centers are commonly used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical.

Horizontal Machining Centers (HMC)

Horizontal machining centers are designed for high-volume production and heavy cutting applications. These machines have a horizontal spindle orientation, which offers stability and rigidity during machining operations. Horizontal machining centers excel in industries such as automotive, mold and die, and oil and gas.

Turning Centers

Turning centers, also known as lathes, are used for machining operations such as turning, threading, and drilling. These machines feature a horizontal spindle orientation and provide precise control over the cutting process. Turning centers are widely used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and general manufacturing.

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Multi-Tasking Machines

Multi-tasking machines integrate multiple machining processes, including milling, turning, and grinding, into a single machine. These machines offer versatility and improved efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple setups and transfers. Multi-tasking machines find applications in industries such as aerospace, medical, and energy.

Each type of Mazak CNC machine offers unique capabilities and benefits, allowing manufacturers to choose the most suitable option for their specific requirements.

Mazak CNC Machine Pricing

The pricing of Mazak CNC machines can vary depending on various factors, including the specific model, configuration, and optional features chosen. As Mazak offers a wide range of CNC machines with different specifications and capabilities, the pricing may vary accordingly. It is advisable to contact Mazak or a local distributor for accurate pricing information based on specific requirements and customization options.

If you are considering investing in a Mazak CNC machine, understanding the pricing structure is crucial. The cost of a Mazak CNC machine is determined by several factors that affect its functionality and performance. Some factors that influence the pricing include:

  1. Machine Model: Mazak offers a diverse range of CNC machine models catering to different manufacturing needs. Each model comes with its own specifications, capabilities, and price point.
  2. Configuration: Mazak machines can be customized with various options and accessories to suit specific production requirements. Optional features such as high-speed spindles, automatic tool changers, and advanced automation solutions can significantly impact the overall cost.
  3. Specifications: Different machines have different specifications, such as axis travels, workpiece capacity, spindle power, and tool capacity. Machines with higher specifications generally command a higher price.

Since Mazak CNC machines are highly customizable, it is essential to contact Mazak directly or consult with a local distributor to get accurate pricing information tailored to your specific needs. They can provide you with comprehensive pricing details based on the desired machine model, configuration, and additional options you may require.

Benefits of Understanding Mazak CNC Machine Pricing

Understanding the pricing of Mazak CNC machines offers several advantages:

  • Financial Planning: Accurate pricing information helps you plan your budget and allocate resources effectively for the procurement of a Mazak CNC machine.
  • ROI Analysis: Knowing the upfront investment required allows you to analyze the return on investment potential and assess the machine’s long-term profitability.
  • Customization Assessment: Understanding the cost implications of optional features and upgrades helps you make informed decisions about the customization options that best align with your production needs.
  • Competitive Analysis: Pricing information allows you to compare Mazak CNC machines with offerings from other manufacturers, ensuring you select the best machine in terms of both features and value.

To obtain accurate and up-to-date pricing information for Mazak CNC machines, reach out to Mazak or a local distributor. They can provide you with detailed quotations and guide you through the purchasing process, ensuring you make an informed decision that meets your manufacturing requirements and budget.

mazak cnc machine pricing

Model Configuration Specifications Price Range
M1 Standard XYZ Travels: 24″ x 12″ x 18″ $50,000 – $70,000
Spindle Speed: 12,000 RPM
Tool Capacity: 20
M2 Advanced XYZ Travels: 30″ x 16″ x 20″ $80,000 – $100,000
Spindle Speed: 15,000 RPM
Tool Capacity: 30
M3 Premium XYZ Travels: 40″ x 20″ x 24″ $120,000 – $150,000
Spindle Speed: 18,000 RPM
Tool Capacity: 40

Please note that the above pricing ranges are only approximate and subject to change. For detailed pricing information and specific customization options, it is recommended to consult with Mazak or a local distributor.


In conclusion, Mazak CNC machines are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by offering advanced machining solutions that combine precision, efficiency, and versatility. The latest additions to Mazak’s CNC machine lineup, namely the VC-Ez 16X Vertical Machining Center and the MAZATROL SmoothEz5 CNC, showcase cutting-edge features and capabilities that cater to the evolving needs of manufacturers.

Mazak CNC machines come equipped with a range of options that allow for customization and adaptation to various production requirements. Their application versatility extends to industries such as aerospace, defense, medical, automotive, and general machining operations. With 3+2 or full 5-axis machining capabilities, manufacturers can seamlessly process small complex parts with exceptional accuracy and speed.

One of the key advantages of Mazak CNC machines is their ability to integrate with automation solutions, enabling unattended production and significantly improving productivity. The incorporation of the Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide System ensures rigidity, speed, and accuracy, resulting in high-quality parts and reduced maintenance downtime.

Overall, Mazak CNC machines have proven to be essential assets in optimizing manufacturing operations. With their commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, Mazak continues to push the boundaries of CNC technology, empowering manufacturers to achieve exceptional results and drive success in today’s competitive marketplace.