CNC cutting, milling, drilling, punching and sawing

Using CNC machines we ensure that steel is cut, milled, punched or sawn to ensure that steel is formed and prepared according to the final construction. Often multiple CNC machines are used with different applications to speed up the construction process.

CNC Cutting and Milling

Cutting and milling steel is basically the same thing and is performed with the same machine. CNC milling is very precise and is controlled with software to cut the exact dimensions out of steel. It is even possible to plot where you can cut or mill beautiful shapes out of steel.


Not only steel can be CNC milled but also wood, plastic and aluminum. Because of the accuracy of the machines, it is no problem to mill both small and large quantities.

CNC Drilling

CNC drilling is very similar to the operation of CNC milling. Again, the workpiece is clamped tightly by the vacuum table. This machine has the ability to drill through the top of the sheet, but it can also drill through the edges (sides) of the sheet material. This makes all kinds of connections possible, such as attaching parts together. For example, connections such as dowels, mini-fix, maxi-fix, etc.

There is another method of CNC drilling: row drilling. Pre-drilled holes are often used to divide cupboard shelves and place them at different heights. The machine can drill a row of holes at the same time (usually with a center distance of 32 mm).

Since the holes are machined many times in exactly the same way, very high accuracy can be achieved. It is also possible to work in different fields as long as the workpiece is not too large. This means that when the machine is working in field 1, it can already clamp the workpiece in field 2.

A common example in practice is (kitchen) cabinets. These can be assembled on site, thus minimizing transportation space.

CNC Punching

In punching or die-cutting, the material is pressed out of the sheet by pressing the stamp. In punching, specific shapes are punched out of the sheet material (end product). In punching, the desired shape (end product) is pressed out of the sheet metal.

CNC Sawing

The sheet material is produced by sawing to size, and this is done automatically thanks to a CNC sawing machine. CNC sawing is carried out with extreme precision so that the sheet material is sawn to exact dimensions. This saves a lot of time on steel structures. Machine-controlled sawing ensures that the sheet material is cut accurately and quickly.