X-Carve is the ultimate DIY CNC machine for woodworking enthusiasts and professionals. With its powerful capabilities and user-friendly design, it revolutionizes the way you create intricate designs and bring your woodworking projects to life. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a business owner, X-Carve offers endless possibilities for unleashing your creativity and taking your woodworking skills to the next level.

With X-Carve, you have full control over the entire process, from configuring your project to designing it and finally cutting it with precision. This versatile CNC machine is available in two sizes: 4×4 and 4×2, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your needs.

Take a moment to explore the incredible world of X-Carve and unlock your woodworking potential.

The X-Carve vs X-Carve Pro 4×2: Which One to Choose?

When it comes to choosing the right CNC machine for your woodworking projects, X-Carve offers two exceptional options – the X-Carve and the X-Carve Pro 4×2. Both machines are designed to deliver precision and efficiency, but they cater to different needs and skill levels. Let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits of each model to help you make an informed decision.

X-Carve: Perfect for Hobbyists and Tinkerers

The X-Carve is a versatile and cost-effective option, making it ideal for hobbyists and woodworking enthusiasts. This DIY CNC machine comes as a kit, providing an exciting opportunity to learn and tinker with the assembly process. While it requires approximately 16 to 18 hours for assembly, the satisfaction of building your own CNC machine is worth the effort. The X-Carve features a work area of 29.5 by 29.5 inches, providing ample space for various woodworking projects.

X-Carve Pro 4×2: Designed for Business Growth

If you’re a business owner looking to scale your woodworking operations, the X-Carve Pro 4×2 is the perfect choice. This ready-to-use CNC machine offers a pre-assembled gantry, significantly reducing assembly time to just about 2 hours. The X-Carve Pro 4×2 boasts a larger work area of 48 by 24 inches, allowing you to take on bigger projects with ease. With its industrial build quality, 2 horsepower spindle, and a broader range of RPMs, the X-Carve Pro 4×2 offers enhanced cutting control and durability for demanding production environments.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a business owner, both the X-Carve and the X-Carve Pro 4×2 provide exceptional value and performance. Consider your skill level, project requirements, and long-term goals to determine which model is best suited for you. Whichever option you choose, X-Carve is committed to providing a seamless woodworking experience with their reliable CNC machines.

As shown in the image above, the X-Carve and the X-Carve Pro 4×2 are both powerful CNC machines that can take your woodworking to the next level.

Key Features of the X-Carve Pro

The X-Carve Pro is a high-speed, precise, and durable industrial-grade CNC machine. It comes in two sizes: 4×4 and 4×2. Some of its key features include:

  1. 1.5kW air-cooled spindle: The X-Carve Pro is equipped with a powerful spindle that ensures efficient and accurate cutting. The air-cooled design prevents overheating, ensuring consistent performance.
  2. 25mm ball screws and linear guides: To achieve exceptional precision, the X-Carve Pro utilizes 25mm ball screws and linear guides. These components provide smooth and accurate movements, allowing for intricate woodworking projects.
  3. Industrial-grade construction: Built to withstand heavy use, the X-Carve Pro features a sturdy and durable build quality. It can handle demanding tasks and deliver reliable performance, making it suitable for small businesses that require continuous operation.
  4. Compatibility with standard outlets: The X-Carve Pro can be easily integrated into any workshop or production facility, as it is compatible with standard 120V outlets. This eliminates the need for additional electrical modifications, saving time and costs.
  5. Three years of Easel Pro software: With the X-Carve Pro, you’ll receive three years of access to Easel Pro software. Easel Pro is a user-friendly CAD/CAM software that simplifies the design and cutting process. It offers a range of tools and features for creating intricate designs.

The X-Carve Pro’s key features make it a valuable asset for small businesses in the cabinet, furniture, and built-in design industries. It enhances productivity, reduces production time, and allows for precise customization to meet unique woodworking requirements.

X-Carve Pro Specifications
Feature 4×4 Model 4×2 Model
Work Area 48in x 48in x 4in 48in x 24in x 4in
Footprint 65.75in x 55.75in 65.75in x 31.6in
Spindle 1.5kW air-cooled 1.5kW air-cooled
Ball Screws 25mm 25mm
Linear Guides Included Included
Motor Type NEMA-23 NEMA-23
Software Easel Pro (3 years) Easel Pro (3 years)
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X-Carve Pro vs X-Carve: A Comparison

When comparing the X-Carve Pro and the X-Carve, several key differences stand out. The X-Carve Pro outshines the X-Carve in terms of build quality and work area. Additionally, the X-Carve Pro boasts a more powerful 2 horsepower spindle that can accommodate larger bit sizes. Furthermore, the X-Carve Pro comes partially pre-assembled, significantly reducing assembly time. As for warranty coverage, the X-Carve Pro offers a 1-year limited warranty, which can be extended by two years for an additional fee. In contrast, the X-Carve comes with a 6-year limited warranty.

X-Carve Pro X-Carve
Build Quality Sturdier
Work Area Larger
Spindle Power 2 horsepower
Assembly Partially pre-assembled Requires full assembly
Warranty 1-year limited warranty (extendable) 6-year limited warranty

The choice between the X-Carve Pro and the X-Carve ultimately depends on the intended usage. The X-Carve Pro, with its sturdier build, larger work area, and more powerful spindle, is more suitable for production and business growth. On the other hand, the X-Carve is a reliable option for hobbyists and those looking to tinker and learn. Consider your specific needs and goals to determine which CNC machine is the right fit for you.

Software and Designing with X-Carve Pro

The X-Carve Pro comes with three years of Easel Pro software, the world’s easiest CAD/CAM software. With Easel Pro, designing and carving your projects is a breeze.

Designed to optimize the capabilities of the X-Carve Pro and compatible with over 30 types of CNC machines, Easel Pro provides a seamless experience for both beginners and experienced users.

Some of the key features of Easel Pro include:

  • Intuitive design interface: Create your designs with ease using the user-friendly interface of Easel Pro. No prior CAD/CAM experience is required.
  • Import and edit: Import existing designs or create new ones directly in Easel Pro. Make adjustments and edits effortlessly to customize your projects.
  • Seamless connectivity: Connect Easel Pro to your X-Carve Pro CNC machine effortlessly. The software offers smooth integration and controls to bring your designs to life.
  • 3D carving: Import STL files and unlock the potential for intricate 3D carving. Easel Pro simplifies the process, allowing you to explore complex designs with ease.
  • Tiling feature: Need to carve designs larger than your carvable area? Easel Pro’s tiling feature enables seamless section-by-section carving, so you can create larger projects without limitations.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, artist, or professional designer, Easel Pro provides the tools you need to unleash your creativity and bring your vision to life with the X-Carve Pro.

Carving Materials with the X-Carve Pro

The X-Carve Pro, a versatile CNC machine, offers the capability to carve a wide variety of materials, making it a valuable tool for creative enthusiasts and professionals alike. With this powerful machine, you can bring your ideas to life with precision and ease.

Supported Materials

The X-Carve Pro can handle various materials, including:

  • Wood: Hardwoods and softwoods
  • Wood Composites: MDF, plywood
  • Plastics: Acrylic, polycarbonate
  • Non-Ferrous Metals: Aluminum (with lubrication and specialized tools)

Whether you’re carving intricate designs on wood or creating prototypes with plastics, the X-Carve Pro delivers versatility and exceptional results.

Material Usage
Wood Perfect for creating decorative elements and intricate designs.
Wood Composites Ideal for crafting furniture pieces and structural components.
Plastics Great for custom signage, product prototypes, and artistic installations.
Non-Ferrous Metals Enables the carving of detailed designs on aluminum with specialized lubrication and tools.

With the X-Carve Pro, you’re not limited to a single material—let your creativity flow and explore the possibilities of carving various materials with this exceptional CNC machine.

Technical Specifications of the X-Carve Pro

The X-Carve Pro is a powerful CNC machine that offers impressive technical specifications. It comes in two sizes: 4×4 and 4×2. The 4×4 model provides a generous work area of 48in x 48in x 4in, while the 4×2 model offers a slightly smaller work area of 48in x 24in x 4in.

The machine footprint varies depending on the model. The 4×4 model has a footprint of 65.75in x 55.75in, while the 4×2 model has a footprint of 65.75in x 31.6in. This allows for efficient use of space in your workspace.

The X-Carve Pro is equipped with a 2 horsepower (1.5kW) air-cooled spindle, providing ample power for cutting through various materials. Its high-precision 25mm ball screws, along with linear guides, ensure accuracy to the width of a human hair, resulting in precise and intricate designs. The CNC machine also features NEMA-23 motors, further enhancing its performance.

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This CNC machine is designed for ease of use and compatibility. It can be powered by any standard 120V outlet, making it convenient to set up and operate. Additionally, the X-Carve Pro comes with the popular Easel Pro software, which provides an intuitive interface for designing and controlling your projects.

With its impressive technical specifications, the X-Carve Pro offers the precision, power, and versatility needed to bring your woodworking projects to life.

Specification 4×4 Model 4×2 Model
Work Area 48in x 48in x 4in 48in x 24in x 4in
Machine Footprint 65.75in x 55.75in 65.75in x 31.6in
Spindle 2 horsepower (1.5kW) air-cooled spindle 2 horsepower (1.5kW) air-cooled spindle
Ball Screws 25mm high-precision ball screws 25mm high-precision ball screws
Motors NEMA-23 motors NEMA-23 motors
Software Easel Pro Easel Pro

What’s Included with the X-Carve Pro

When you purchase the X-Carve Pro, you’ll receive a comprehensive package that includes all the essential items to get started on your CNC woodworking projects. Here’s what’s included:

  • X-Carve Pro CNC router
  • Controller and cables
  • HMI control system
  • Dust control system with a dust shoe and hose arm
  • Z-Probe
  • Clamp set
  • Various bits for planing, cutting, and 3D carving
  • Three years of Easel Pro software
  • Assembly tools
  • Fein vacuum power tool

The specific items included may vary depending on the size of the X-Carve Pro model you choose. Rest assured, you’ll have everything you need to bring your woodworking projects to life with precision and ease.

X-carve Pro package

Pricing and Financing Options for X-Carve Pro

The X-Carve Pro offers affordable pricing and flexible financing options, making it accessible for individuals and businesses alike. With two size options available, 4×4 and 4×2, the X-Carve Pro is designed to meet your specific woodworking needs.

Prices for the X-Carve Pro start at $5,495 for the 4×2 model and $9,495 for the 4×4 model. These prices ensure that you get a high-performance CNC machine without breaking the bank.

To make it even more convenient for you, X-Carve offers financing options that allow you to spread out the costs of the machine over time. Whether you are a hobbyist or a small business owner, these financing options enable you to invest in the X-Carve Pro while managing your budget effectively.

By choosing X-Carve’s financing options, you can enjoy affordable monthly payments that align with your business growth and revenue generation. This flexible financing approach ensures that you can maximize your return on investment and start working with the X-Carve Pro without delay.

Investing in an X-Carve Pro is a strategic decision that can help you increase your profits while reducing production time. With the right financing option, you can bring home this versatile CNC machine and take your woodworking projects to the next level.

X-Carve Pro Model Price
4×2 $5,495
4×4 $9,495

Conclusion: Unleash Your Woodworking Potential with X-Carve Pro

The X-Carve Pro is a versatile and powerful CNC machine that allows you to unleash your woodworking potential. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to explore CNC technology or a small business owner seeking to expand your production capacity, the X-Carve Pro offers the precision, durability, and ease of use required to bring your ideas to life.

With its wide range of features, the X-Carve Pro empowers you to tackle a variety of projects with confidence. Its compatibility with various materials, including wood, wood composites, plastics, and non-ferrous metals, gives you the freedom to experiment and create. From intricate carvings to detailed engravings, the X-Carve Pro delivers exceptional results.

Additionally, the X-Carve Pro comes with three years of Easel Pro software, the world’s easiest CAD/CAM software designed specifically for CNC machines. This user-friendly software enables you to design, import, cut, and share seamlessly. Plus, its compatibility with over 30 types of CNC machines ensures a hassle-free experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker or just starting your journey, the X-Carve Pro is a valuable tool that can take your woodworking to the next level. Embrace the opportunities it presents, explore its woodworking potential, and bring your creative visions to life with precision and ease.