Okuma CNC

Okuma CNC machines offer advanced machining solutions for precision engineering. With a wide range of options including lathes and milling machines, Okuma CNC machines are designed to deliver state-of-the-art performance that elevates manufacturing.

Whether you need a lathe or a mill, Okuma has the perfect CNC machine to meet your needs. Explore the range of Okuma CNC machines, including the Okuma CNC lathe and Okuma CNC mill, to find the right solution for your machining requirements.

When it comes to price, Okuma offers a variety of CNC machines at different price points. The price of an Okuma CNC machine will depend on factors such as the specific model, features, and customization options. By investing in an Okuma CNC machine, you can achieve efficient and precise machining results, ultimately enhancing your productivity and profitability.

Introducing the ROID Series

The ROID Series from Okuma brings forth a new era of high-precision machining with its advanced robotic automation systems. Among the highlights of this series are the Okuma ARMROID and Okuma STANDROID robots, designed to revolutionize manufacturing processes. These automation systems boast an intuitive OSP interface, ensuring ease of use and seamless integration into existing machine tools. Additionally, they can be employed as standalone robot packages, offering versatility in deployment.

The ARMROID, a standout feature of the ROID Series, is ingeniously built into the machine tool itself. By integrating this robot within the machine tool, Okuma aims to streamline operations and maximize efficiency. On the other hand, the STANDROID brings multifunctional capabilities to the forefront, enabling efficient manufacturing on a compact footprint. This allows manufacturers to optimize their production space without compromising on output quality.

With the ROID Series, Okuma places a strong emphasis on flexibility and control. These automation systems offer both automated and manual controls, empowering operators with the freedom to innovate. By providing optimal levels of control, the ROID series opens up new possibilities in precision machining.


The Okuma ARMROID is a cutting-edge robotic solution integrated within the machine tool. This innovative design optimizes workflow by eliminating the need for separate robot units. With the ARMROID, manufacturers can achieve seamless coordination between machining and robot operations, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced cycle times.


The Okuma STANDROID is a highly versatile robot that offers multifunctional manufacturing capabilities. This compact robot is designed to work within limited space while delivering exceptional output quality. By leveraging the STANDROID, manufacturers can achieve high levels of productivity without compromising on precision and performance.

Features Okuma ARMROID Okuma STANDROID
Integration Integrated within machine tool Standalone robot package
Footprint Optimal space utilization Compact design
Control Automated and manual controls Automated and manual controls
Workflow Streamlined operations Multifunctional manufacturing

Enhance Efficiency with Automatic Pallet Changers

Okuma offers automated pallet changers that are designed to enhance efficiency in manufacturing operations. These automatic pallet changers enable seamless and quick exchange of pallets, optimizing the utilization of machining centers and reducing downtime. Okuma provides various options to meet different production requirements, including Okuma Pallet Pools, multi-pallet APC, and tower APC.

Okuma Pallet Pools

The Okuma Pallet Pools are standardized ready-to-use systems that consist of stationary pallet stands and a pallet transfer unit. These systems allow for easy loading and unloading of workpieces, minimizing manual intervention and maximizing productivity. With the Okuma Pallet Pools, manufacturers can efficiently handle single or multi-pallet configurations, streamlining their operations.

Multi-Pallet APC

The multi-pallet APC from Okuma is designed to handle multiple pallets simultaneously, further improving efficiency. This system enables the machining center to automatically switch between different workpieces, reducing setup time and increasing spindle utilization. With the multi-pallet APC, manufacturers can optimize their production processes and achieve higher throughput.

Tower APC

The tower APC offered by Okuma provides advanced flexibility and productivity within a compact footprint. This system utilizes a tower-like structure to store and manage multiple pallets. The tower APC allows for seamless workpiece transitioning, enabling manufacturers to efficiently handle a variety of jobs without sacrificing floor space. With the tower APC, manufacturers can achieve greater versatility and maximize their operational efficiency.

By implementing automatic pallet changers, such as the Okuma Pallet Pools, multi-pallet APC, and tower APC, manufacturers can optimize spindle utilization, reduce setup time, and enhance overall productivity. These systems contribute to the efficient operation of machining centers, helping manufacturers maximize their return on investment. With Okuma’s automatic pallet changers, manufacturers can unlock greater efficiency and profitability in their production processes.

Streamline Production with Okuma Gantry Loaders

The Okuma Gantry Loader (OGL) is a built-in solution designed to optimize production efficiency by streamlining the parts load and unload process. With its efficient and precise servo-driven hand rotation, the OGL enables rapid and accurate handling of workpieces, reducing takt time to a minimum. This innovative gantry loader allows for seamless entry into the machine, regardless of the turret position, thanks to the headstock’s flexible movement to the desired position. The servo-driven hand rotation feature ensures smooth and reliable part loading and unloading, resulting in a 4-second workpiece load/unload time.

With the Okuma Gantry Loader, manufacturers can significantly enhance their productivity and overall production efficiency. By automating the parts load and unload process, downtime is minimized, and operators can focus on other critical tasks, increasing the overall throughput of the manufacturing process. The consistent and efficient performance of the OGL reduces human error, ensuring reliable quality control. Whether used in a standalone machine or integrated into a larger manufacturing system, Okuma Gantry Loaders deliver outstanding results.

Key Features of Okuma Gantry Loaders:

  • Efficient servo-driven hand rotation for quick and precise part handling
  • Seamless entry into the machine, regardless of turret position
  • Fast workpiece load/unload time of just 4 seconds
  • Minimized downtime and increased overall productivity
  • Enhanced reliability and consistent part quality
Benefits Features
1. Improved production efficiency 1. Efficient servo-driven hand rotation
2. Minimized takt time 2. Seamless entry into the machine
3. Increased throughput 3. Fast workpiece load/unload time
4. Reliable quality control 4. Minimized downtime
5. Enhanced part quality

Automate with Robotic Cells

Okuma offers a wide range of robotic solutions that can automate your manufacturing processes. From pre-built systems like the Okuma Load & Go robotic tending solution from AWR to custom robotic solutions tailored to your specific needs, Okuma has the expertise and technology to enhance the workflow of your production line.

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Integrating robotic cells into your manufacturing process has numerous benefits. One of the key advantages is improved throughput, as robots can work faster and more efficiently than human operators. This increased efficiency leads to reduced direct labor costs and faster deliveries, allowing you to meet customer demands more effectively.

Another significant advantage is consistent part quality. Robots can perform repetitive tasks with a high level of precision, ensuring that each part is manufactured to the same exacting standards. This consistency in quality is crucial for industries where precision and reliability are paramount.

With Okuma’s robotic solutions, you can achieve efficient and cost-effective automation that enhances your overall productivity. Okuma’s integration team will work closely with you to understand your manufacturing needs and design a custom solution that aligns with your specific requirements.

Here is a visual representation of the benefits of Okuma’s robotic cells:

Benefits of Okuma’s Robotic Cells
  • Improved throughput
  • Reduced direct labor costs
  • Consistent part quality
  • Faster deliveries

With Okuma’s robotic cells, you can automate your manufacturing processes and experience the benefits of improved throughput, consistent part quality, and increased efficiency. Whether you choose a pre-built solution like the Load & Go or a custom robotic system, Okuma has the expertise and technology to optimize your production line.

Increase Productivity with Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Okuma partners with trusted FMS manufacturers to offer automation solutions for both lathes and machining centers. From easy plug-and-play solutions to more complex production systems, Okuma’s Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) allow users to automate their machine tools, increasing productivity and profitability.

By implementing Okuma’s FMS, manufacturers can optimize their operations and achieve higher efficiency. The automation for lathes and machining centers provided by Okuma FMS streamlines processes and reduces the need for manual intervention, resulting in improved productivity and reduced labor costs. With plug-and-play solutions, the integration process is made easy, allowing businesses to quickly adapt and embrace automation.

The benefits of Okuma FMS extend beyond efficiency gains. By automating various production processes, manufacturers can enhance the quality and consistency of their outputs, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction. Furthermore, increased profitability is a significant advantage of implementing Okuma FMS, as the reduced labor costs and enhanced productivity contribute to higher revenue and stronger financial performance.

Okuma FMS Components

Okuma FMS consists of several key components that work in synergy to create a comprehensive automation solution:

  • Automated Material Handling Systems: These systems handle the loading and unloading of materials, eliminating the need for manual intervention and enabling continuous production.
  • Robotics and Automation: The integration of robotics and automation technologies allows for seamless operation and coordination between different machine tools and processes.
  • Intelligent Control Systems: Okuma FMS employs intelligent control systems to monitor and optimize the production flow, ensuring maximum efficiency and resource allocation.
  • Data Management and Analytics: Data gathering and analysis tools provide valuable insights into the production process, enabling continuous improvement and informed decision-making.

Table: Example of Okuma FMS components

Component Description
Automated Material Handling Systems Systems for loading and unloading materials
Robotics and Automation Integration of robots and automation technologies
Intelligent Control Systems Control systems for monitoring and optimizing production flow
Data Management and Analytics Tools for data gathering, analysis, and decision-making

By leveraging the capabilities of Okuma FMS, manufacturers can achieve a more streamlined and efficient production process. Whether it’s a small shop or a large-scale manufacturing facility, Okuma FMS provides plug-and-play solutions for automation, enabling businesses to increase profitability and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Discover the MU-S600V CNC Machine

The MU-S600V is a versatile 5-axis VMC (Vertical Machining Center) that combines flexibility and high production automation. Designed by Okuma, a leading manufacturer of CNC machine tools, the MU-S600V is equipped with advanced features that enhance precision and efficiency in machining operations.

With its 55-inch-wide design, the MU-S600V allows for the connection of multiple machines, creating a seamless workflow for increased productivity. The machine utilizes built-in robotics to transfer parts between machines, reducing manual labor and optimizing production processes.

One of the key innovations of the MU-S600V is Okuma’s work handoff system, which enables machining on all six sides of the workpiece in a single setup. This eliminates the need for multiple setups and reduces machining time, resulting in faster turnaround and improved efficiency.

The MU-S600V is equipped with a standard 16-drum Automatic Tool Changer (ATC), allowing for quick and efficient tool changes during operations. Additionally, an optional 30-chain ATC is available for even higher efficiency and extended tool capacity.

Whether you are working with complex shapes or high-precision components, the MU-S600V delivers exceptional performance and reliability. With its flexible 5-axis capabilities and advanced automation features, this CNC machine is ideal for industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical.

Key Features: Benefits:
Flexible 5-axis VMC Ability to machine complex shapes and angles with precision
High production automation Reduces manual labor and optimizes workflow
Work handoff system Machining on all six sides in a single setup, saving time and increasing efficiency
Standard 16-drum ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) Quick and efficient tool changes during operations
Optional 30-chain ATC Increased efficiency and extended tool capacity

With the Okuma MU-S600V, you can take your machining capabilities to the next level. Experience the power of flexible 5-axis machining and high production automation for enhanced productivity and outstanding machining results.

Okuma MU-S600V CNC Machine

Okuma Factory Automation Division

Okuma has recently launched the Okuma Factory Automation Division, a new business segment focused on recommending, selling, and supporting manufacturing production line systems comprised of Okuma CNC machine tools and integrated automation technologies. With the increasing demand for automated machining systems, this division positions Okuma to offer customers a wide range of machine tools and automation system pairings. Solutions include automated material loading and unloading systems, machine tending and industrial robotics, automated workpiece pallet changers, flexible manufacturing systems, and smart manufacturing systems.

Automation is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and enhancing productivity. The Okuma Factory Automation Division aims to provide comprehensive solutions that integrate Okuma’s advanced CNC machine tools with cutting-edge automation technologies. By harnessing the power of automation, manufacturers can achieve higher levels of productivity, cost-effectiveness, and operational excellence.

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Automated Material Loading and Unloading Systems

One of the key offerings of the Okuma Factory Automation Division is automated material loading and unloading systems. These systems significantly reduce manual labor and enhance efficiency by automating the process of loading and unloading raw materials and finished workpieces. By seamlessly integrating with Okuma CNC machines, these systems ensure a continuous workflow, optimizing production throughput.

Machine Tending and Industrial Robotics

Machine tending and industrial robotics are steadily transforming the manufacturing landscape. Okuma’s Factory Automation Division offers innovative robotic solutions that can handle a wide range of tasks, from loading and unloading workpieces to dynamic tool management. These solutions not only eliminate the need for manual intervention but also enhance operational flexibility and overall productivity.

Automated Workpiece Pallet Changers

Okuma recognizes the importance of minimizing downtime in machining operations. The Factory Automation Division provides automated workpiece pallet changers that enable quick and efficient workpiece exchange, reducing idle time and maximizing machine utilization. These pallet changers can be seamlessly integrated into Okuma CNC machines, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted production.

Flexible Manufacturing Systems

In today’s dynamic manufacturing environment, flexibility is crucial to meet changing production demands. Okuma’s Factory Automation Division offers flexible manufacturing systems that enable manufacturers to adapt swiftly to evolving market needs. These systems combine the power of Okuma CNC machines with intelligent automation technologies, allowing for seamless integration and agile production.

Smart Manufacturing Systems

As the industry moves towards Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing systems have become instrumental in achieving higher levels of efficiency and optimization. The Okuma Factory Automation Division delivers smart manufacturing solutions that leverage advanced technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). These systems enable real-time monitoring, remote diagnostics, and predictive maintenance, empowering manufacturers to make data-driven decisions and achieve operational excellence.

By establishing the Okuma Factory Automation Division, Okuma reaffirms its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that leverage the power of automation to drive manufacturing efficiency, productivity, and profitability. With a rich portfolio of integrated automation technologies, Okuma is positioned as a trusted partner for manufacturers seeking to embrace the future of automated machining systems.

Solution Description
Automated Material Loading and Unloading Systems Automates the process of loading and unloading raw materials and finished workpieces
Machine Tending and Industrial Robotics Robotic solutions for dynamic tool management and workpiece handling
Automated Workpiece Pallet Changers Pallet changers for quick and efficient workpiece exchange
Flexible Manufacturing Systems Agile systems for adapting to changing production demands
Smart Manufacturing Systems Intelligent systems leveraging IoT, data analytics, and AI for real-time monitoring and optimization

Company Overview: Okuma America Corporation

Okuma America Corporation is the U.S.-based sales and service affiliate of Okuma Corporation, a global leader in CNC machine tools, controls, and automation systems. With a history dating back 125 years, Okuma is known for being the industry’s only single-source provider of CNC machines, controls, drives, motors, encoders, spindles, and automation systems.

The company designs its own CNC controls to seamlessly integrate with each machine tool’s functionality. Okuma is committed to helping users gain competitive advantages through the open possibilities of machine tools today and into the future.

Okuma America Corporation

With a 125-year history, Okuma America Corporation has established itself as a global leader in CNC machine tools, controls, and automation systems. As the U.S. affiliate of Okuma Corporation, Okuma America Corporation provides sales and service support for customers in the United States.

Okuma America Corporation offers a comprehensive range of CNC machines, including lathes, milling machines, and multi-tasking machines, designed to meet the diverse needs of the manufacturing industry. The company’s CNC controls are designed to deliver precision, reliability, and flexibility, allowing users to optimize their machining processes and achieve superior productivity.

With a strong focus on innovation, Okuma America Corporation continuously invests in research and development to introduce cutting-edge technologies and solutions. The company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in its extensive network of service centers and highly trained service technicians, ensuring prompt and reliable support to customers across the United States.

Okuma America Corporation’s dedication to excellence and customer-centric approach has solidified its position as a trusted partner for manufacturers in a wide range of industries. From aerospace and automotive to medical and oil and gas, Okuma America Corporation’s CNC machine tools, controls, and automation systems are renowned for their exceptional performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Okuma Factory Automation Division Leadership

The Okuma Factory Automation Division is led by the experienced and talented Wade Anderson, who serves as the General Manager.

With a remarkable 17 years of experience at Okuma, Anderson has held various key roles within the company. His journey at Okuma began in engineering, where he developed a deep understanding of the intricacies of CNC machine tools and automation systems. Anderson’s technical prowess and dedication to innovation propelled him into technical sales and sales leadership roles, where he honed his ability to understand customer needs and deliver exceptional solutions. Additionally, his leadership skills have been instrumental in product management and fostering strong technology partner relationships.

With his extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of Okuma’s products and solutions, Wade Anderson is uniquely positioned to support the Okuma Factory Automation Division. His expertise will help drive the division’s infrastructure and customer applications, ensuring the development and delivery of cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the manufacturing industry.

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