What is non-machining tooling?

What is non-machining tooling?

What is a non-traditional machining process?

Nontraditional machining employs processes that remove material by various methods involving thermal, electrical, chemical and mechanical energy or even combinations of these.

What is non-conventional machining process with example?

The process of non-conventional machining, on the other hand, employs modern and latest technology in processing. This process involves no contact between the machine tools and material. Examples of non-conventional tools used are infrared beam, laser beam, electric arc, plasma cutting and electric beam.

What is the difference between traditional and non-traditional machining?

Conventional machining process involves the direct contact of tool and work piece, whereas unconventional machining does not require the direct contact of tool and work piece. Conventional machining process has lower accuracy and surface finish while non-conventional machining has higher accuracy and surface finish.

Why NTM process are selected for manufacturing?

Non-traditional machining (NTM) processes are now being widely used to generate intricate and accurate shapes in materials, like titanium, stainless steel, high strength temperature resistant (HSTR) alloys, fiber-reinforced composites, ceramics, refractories and other difficult-to-machine alloys having higher strength, …

Which NTM process has highest material removal rate?

Among all Non conventional machining ECM has highest metal removal rate.