Fadal is a company that offers CNC machines at reasonable prices. The company was founded in the year 1984 and started off by manufacturing only vertical machining centers. However, the company has since expanded its product line to include horizontal CNC lathes as well. Despite the expansion, Fadal still remains committed to offering its customers quality machines at affordable prices. In addition, the company provides outstanding customer service and support, making it a great choice for those in need of a CNC machine. Whether you’re looking for a vertical machining center or a horizontal lathe, Fadal is sure to have a machine that meets your needs.

What happened to Fadal?

Fadal was a global leader in the production of Vertical Machining Centers (VMC) before closing its manufacturing facility in Chatsworth, CA in 2008. According to Tansel Avci, Chairman, the company faced tough competition from Chinese manufacturers who were able to undercut Fadal’s prices. As a result, Fadal was forced to slash its prices, which led to lower profits and eventually prompted the decision to close the Chatsworth facility. While Fadal no longer manufactures VMCs, it continues to operate as a design and engineering firm, providing services to customers around the world.

Where are Fadal CNC made?

Fadal Engineering, a Michigan-based company, has teamed up with Merrill Technologies Group (MTG), another Michigan-based, family-owned manufacturer, to launch a new Fadal CNC full-range product line. The new products will be made in MTG’s facility in Troy, Michigan. This is a great way for the two companies to join forces and create products that are made in the USA. We’re excited to see what the new product line has to offer and how it will help people get the most out of their Fadal CNC machines.

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Who owns Fadal CNC?

Francis de Caussin founded Fadal CNC in 1960. The company is now run by the de Caussin family, a tightly knit group of uncles, brothers, cousins and in-laws who live within three miles of the plant. The success of the company has bred concern among the family members, as they are worried that the increased scrutiny will lead to government regulation that could harm the business. They are also concerned that the company will be unable to maintain its competitive edge if it becomes too large. However, they are confident in the ability of the family to continue to run the business successfully.

What does Fadal stand for?

Fadal is an acronym made up of the first letters of the names of Francis de Caussin and his three sons, Adrian, David, and Larry. The name was chosen to honor Francis de Caussin, who was a French Jesuit missionary and one of the first Europeans to set foot in what is now the state of Wisconsin. De Caussin and his three sons were among the early settlers of the area, and their names are memorialized in the acronym Fadal. Today, the acronym is used by the Fadal family as a symbol of their proud heritage.