does fadal still make cnc machines

Yes, Fadal still makes CNC machines. After closing its manufacturing facility in Chatsworth, California in 2008, Fadal Engineering was revived under new ownership in 2014. The company, now based in Michigan, partnered with Merrill Technologies Group to relaunch a full range of Fadal CNC products. Fadal currently offers a diverse lineup of vertical machining centers (VMCs) and horizontal turning centers, including their Classic Series VMCs and various lathe models.

The new Fadal machines feature updated designs and technologies while maintaining compatibility with legacy Fadal controls. Fadal’s current product line includes 40 and 50 taper VMCs, 5-axis VMCs, and horizontal lathes, all manufactured in Michigan and California. The company continues to focus on providing reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use CNC machines for various industries, staying true to their motto “For Machinists, By Machinists”.

  • Fadal Engineering continues to manufacture CNC machines.
  • They offer vertical milling machines and boring and milling machines.
  • Fadal’s vertical milling machines include various models such as VMC 2015HS, VMC 2520, VMC 3320, VMC 4020, VMC 4022, VMC 6032, VMC 8032, VMC 6032/50T, VMC 8032/50T, and VM5ax320.
  • Fadal Engineering also offers boring and milling machines like DINOMAX, DINOSPIN, DINOWIDE, RAPTOCUT, RONIN, SPIRIT, and CASTEL Terus 180.
  • To request a quote for any of these CNC machines, customers can contact Fadal Engineering directly.

Fadal’s Manufacturing History and Closure

Fadal Engineering, a global leader in the production of vertical machining centers, has a rich history in CNC machine production. However, in 2008, Fadal Engineering made the difficult decision to close its manufacturing facility in Chatsworth, California. This closure sparked concerns about the availability of parts and the future of Fadal machines.

Despite the closure of its original manufacturing facility, Fadal Engineering took strategic steps to ensure the continued production of Fadal CNC machines. The company formed a partnership with Merrill Technologies Group, a renowned manufacturer and supplier of high-quality industrial equipment. This strategic alliance resulted in the launch of a new product line of Fadal CNC machines.

The manufacturing of these new Fadal CNC machines takes place in both Michigan and California. The partnership with Merrill Technologies Group not only ensures the availability of Fadal machines but also guarantees global distribution through an extensive distributor network.

Although the original manufacturing facility may have closed, Fadal Engineering’s commitment to providing reliable and innovative CNC machines remains strong. By leveraging their partnership with Merrill Technologies Group, Fadal Engineering is able to adapt to changing market demands and continue serving customers with top-of-the-line CNC machines.

Fadal’s New Product Line and Enhanced Features

Fadal Engineering, in collaboration with Merrill Technologies Group, has launched a new product line of Fadal CNC machines. The new line includes the Classic series VMC machines, which are designed to mirror Fadal’s legacy boxway machines that the company was known for. These models have been updated with enhanced features to provide improved performance and efficiency.

Enhanced Features

  • 220 foot-pounds of torque: The new Fadal CNC machines are equipped with a powerful motor that delivers 220 foot-pounds of torque, allowing for high-performance machining.
  • CAT-40 spindle with Big Plus technology: The machines feature a CAT-40 spindle with Big Plus technology, ensuring high precision and improved rigidity during cutting operations.
  • CNC-64MP control system: The CNC-64MP control system is the heart of the new Fadal machines. It offers advanced functionality, compatibility with legacy Fadal CNC models, and improved processing power for faster and more efficient machining.

“The new Fadal CNC machines combine the reliability and performance of the legacy boxway machines with the latest engineering advancements. With enhanced features such as increased torque, improved spindle technology, and a state-of-the-art control system, these machines are designed to meet the evolving needs of the industry.”

In addition to the Classic series VMC machines, Fadal is also introducing CNC horizontal turning centers in their product line. These turning centers are designed to provide high accuracy and versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of turning applications.

The new Fadal CNC machines offer a compelling solution for customers looking for a reliable and technologically advanced machining option. With their enhanced features and commitment to quality, Fadal Engineering aims to continue serving the needs of various industries and establish itself as a trusted provider of CNC machines.

Fadal’s Plans for the Future

Fadal Engineering is committed to the continuous development and expansion of their CNC machine production. In addition to their Classic series, Fadal has exciting plans for the future, including the release of two new series: the VMC Performance series and the Heavy series.

VMC Performance Series

The VMC Performance series is designed to meet the growing demands of the industry. These machines will offer larger travels, higher weight capacity, faster rapid traverse rates, and higher CAT-50 spindle speeds. With these enhanced features, the VMC Performance series will empower users to take on more complex projects and achieve higher precision in their machining processes.

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Heavy Series

The Heavy series by Fadal is specifically engineered to cater to industries requiring large machining and turning capacities. These machines will be suitable for applications in energy, off-road, aerospace, and defense sectors. With their robust capabilities, the Heavy series CNC machines will enable manufacturers to tackle heavy-duty tasks with ease and efficiency.

By introducing the VMC Performance and Heavy series, Fadal aims to provide a comprehensive range of CNC machines that meet the diverse needs of various industries. These future plans demonstrate Fadal Engineering’s commitment to innovation, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the CNC machine manufacturing industry.

Check out the table below for a quick overview of Fadal’s future CNC machine offerings:

Series Features
Classic series Mirrors the legacy boxway machines with updated enhancements
VMC Performance series Larger travels, higher weight capacity, faster rapid traverse rates, and higher CAT-50 spindle speeds
Heavy series Large machining and turning capacity for energy, off-road, aerospace, and defense industries

Stay tuned for these upcoming releases, which will further solidify Fadal’s position as an industry leader in CNC machine production.

Customer Feedback and Support for Fadal CNC Machines

Fadal CNC machines have garnered mixed feedback from customers. Many users have reported positive experiences with their Fadals, particularly when it comes to milling soft steel and aluminum up to 5-axis. They appreciate the precision and reliability of these machines, enabling them to achieve excellent results in their machining processes.

One aspect that customers find reassuring is the availability of spare parts for Fadal CNC machines. This ensures that they can continue to operate their Fadals smoothly without any major disruptions. However, there have been concerns raised by some about the closure of Fadal’s original manufacturing facility and the potential impact on parts availability.

“I’ve been using my Fadal CNC machine for years, and I couldn’t be happier with its performance. It has been a reliable workhorse, allowing me to efficiently produce high-quality machined parts. The availability of spare parts has been a major advantage, enabling me to keep my Fadal running smoothly.”

– Peter Thompson, CNC Machinist

Fadal Engineering is committed to addressing these concerns and ensuring that Fadal parts remain available for a prolonged period. They understand the importance of supporting Fadal CNC machine owners and providing them with the necessary assistance to keep their machines running smoothly.

Customer Support and Service

In addition to spare parts availability, Fadal Engineering offers comprehensive customer support and service for Fadal CNC machine owners. They have a dedicated team of experts who can provide technical assistance, troubleshooting, and guidance on optimizing machine performance.

Whether customers have questions regarding machine operation or require assistance with maintenance and repairs, Fadal Engineering’s support team is ready to assist. They are committed to ensuring a positive ownership experience for all Fadal CNC machine owners.

If you own a Fadal CNC machine and need assistance or have any questions, you can reach out to Fadal Engineering’s customer support team directly.

It’s important to note that customer feedback can vary based on individual experiences and use cases. While some customers have had positive experiences with Fadal CNC machines and appreciate the availability of spare parts, others have expressed concerns about parts availability. Fadal Engineering’s commitment to supporting their customers and ensuring the availability of Fadal parts is a reassuring factor for Fadal CNC machine owners.

The Return of Fadal and New Leadership

Fadal Engineering, a prominent player in the CNC machine industry, is making a powerful comeback. With a new vision and leadership, the company is set to reclaim its position as a leader in the market. Under the guidance of Robert Yackel, CEO of Merrill Technologies Group, which acquired Fadal Engineering, the company is poised for a new era of success.

The relaunch of Fadal Engineering marks the return of a once family-owned company that has a rich history in delivering high-quality CNC machines. With Yackel at the helm, Fadal Engineering aims to build on its legacy and create a new generation of innovative and user-friendly CNC machines.

The decision to reenter the market comes at a crucial time when there is a growing demand for advanced machining solutions across various industries. Fadal Engineering intends to meet this demand by designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art CNC machines that cater to a wide range of applications.

With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Fadal Engineering is committed to delivering CNC machines that excel in performance and reliability. The company’s renewed leadership brings a fresh perspective and a drive to innovate, ensuring that customers can rely on Fadal Engineering for cutting-edge technology and exceptional support.

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fadal cnc machine relaunch

The Vision for the Future

Under Robert Yackel’s leadership, Fadal Engineering has set its sights on becoming a leading player in the CNC machine industry once again. The company plans to expand its product line, introducing new models that cater to the evolving needs of industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and more.

By leveraging its expertise and partnering with Merrill Technologies Group, Fadal Engineering aims to deliver cutting-edge CNC machines that offer unparalleled precision, performance, and efficiency. The company is dedicated to incorporating the latest technological advancements and engineering enhancements to ensure that its machines stay at the forefront of the industry.

Fadal Engineering’s relaunch is also accompanied by a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. The company recognizes the importance of providing exceptional support and service to its customers, ensuring that they can maximize the efficiency and productivity of their Fadal CNC machines.

With a combination of industry experience, technological advancements, and a renewed focus on customer needs, Fadal Engineering is poised to make a significant impact in the CNC machine market once again.

Fadal Engineering Leadership – Robert Yackel

Robert Yackel is an accomplished industry leader with a proven track record of success. As the CEO of Merrill Technologies Group, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to guide Fadal Engineering’s resurgence in the CNC machine industry.

Yackel emphasizes the importance of preserving Fadal Engineering’s legacy while driving the company forward. His leadership style is characterized by a strong commitment to customer-centricity, quality, and innovation.

Yackel’s vision for Fadal Engineering involves not only building high-quality CNC machines but also fostering strong relationships with customers and empowering them to achieve their manufacturing goals. With a customer-focused approach, he aims to position Fadal Engineering as a trusted and reliable partner for businesses in need of advanced machining solutions.

Comparison of Fadal CNC Machines under New Leadership

Model Features
Fadal Classic VMC 2516 High torque, CAT-40 spindle, CNC-64MP control system
Fadal Classic VMC 3016 High torque, CAT-40 spindle, CNC-64MP control system
Fadal Classic VMC 4020 High torque, CAT-40 spindle, CNC-64MP control system
Fadal Classic VMC 6030 High torque, CAT-40 spindle, CNC-64MP control system
Fadal Classic VMC 8030 High torque, CAT-40 spindle, CNC-64MP control system

As seen in the table above, Fadal’s Classic VMC series under the new leadership continues to offer high torque, CAT-40 spindle, and the advanced CNC-64MP control system. These features ensure precise and efficient machining, enabling businesses to achieve exceptional results.

The relaunch of Fadal Engineering under the leadership of Robert Yackel sets the stage for an exciting future. With a renewed focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Fadal aims to regain its position as a leading provider of CNC machines and drive advancements in the industry.

Fadal’s Presence at IMTS 2014

Fadal Engineering made a significant impact at IMTS 2014 by introducing its highly anticipated new Classic series VMC. This showcase of Fadal’s latest innovations was made possible through a collaboration with Ingersoll Cutting Tools, a powerhouse in machining solutions. The new Classic series VMC includes models VMC2516, VMC3016, VMC4020, VMC6030, and VMC8030, each designed to reflect Fadal’s renowned legacy boxway machines.

fadal cnc machines at imts 2014

One of the highlights of Fadal’s presence at IMTS 2014 was the unveiling of their cutting-edge CNC-64MP control system. This advanced control system offers enhanced processing power and speed compared to the legacy control models, empowering operators with unprecedented precision and efficiency in their machining operations.

The launch of the Classic series VMC and the introduction of the CNC-64MP control system demonstrated Fadal’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the CNC machine market. Their presence at IMTS not only showcased their technological advancements but also positioned them for a successful resurgence in the industry.


Fadal Engineering has made significant strides in reestablishing itself as a trusted provider in the CNC machine industry. With a new product line and enhanced features, Fadal is poised to meet the evolving needs of various industries.

Under the leadership of Robert Yackel and the partnership with Merrill Technologies Group, Fadal Engineering has laid a solid foundation for its future success. The commitment to customer support and service ensures that Fadal CNC machine owners will have access to spare parts and assistance for years to come.

As Fadal continues to expand its product line and embrace technological advancements, its presence in the CNC machine industry looks promising. Fadal’s dedication to offering high-quality, easy-to-use CNC machines positions them well for the future, and the company’s reemergence is welcomed by businesses across the United States.