What gas is used for plasma cutting?

What gas is used for plasma cutting?

Can you use CO2 for plasma cutting?

Use nitrogen plasma with CO2 to cut stainless and aluminum for the best results for the cost. For the most economical plasma cutting, clean compressed air is the best fit for cutting aluminum, mild and stainless steel.

What gas is used in plasma?

Compressed air, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and oxygen, or blends of two or three of these components are the most popular plasma gases for plasma cutting. Choosing the right gas or combination in a blended gas depends upon the metal being cut, the equipment used and the desired performance in the cutting process.

Is oxygen used in plasma cutting?

When it comes to plasma gas, oxygen is the industry standard for cutting mild steel because it provides the best, clean cut quality and fastest cutting speed of any plasma gas. (Plasma cutting aluminum plate or stainless plate with oxygen plasma gas is not recommended).

Can argon be used in plasma cutting?

Argon-Hydrogen Mixtures With a standard mix of 65% argon and 35% hydrogen, it produces the hottest plasma cutting flame and some of the cleanest cuts. Typically used for cutting stainless steel and aluminum, the argon-hydrogen mixture is required for cutting material over 3″ thick.

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Which is heavier argon or nitrogen?

Argon versus Nitrogen One advantage of argon is its heavy weight. Argon has a density of 0.1 lb/ft3 and nitrogen is 0.07 lb/ft3 or about 40% heavier per cubic foot than nitrogen.

Can you use compressor air for plasma cutter?

If you plan to use your plasma cutter for hobby projects or for cutting an occasional piece of steel, then an air compressor for your plasma cutter with a cfm rating slightly higher than the minimum requirement listed in your owner’s manual will likely be adequate.

Do all plasma cutters need air compressor?

First, the arc heats the metal until it’s semi-gaseous. Second, the plasma is forced by blasts of air to finish the cut. Therefore, all plasma cutters need an air compressor to generate enough air pressure for the task. If you buy a plasma cutter without a built-in source of air, you’ll need a separate air compressor.

Does a plasma cutter use compressed air?

Plasma cutters use DC voltage to heat compressed air to a very high temperature, where it ionises the atoms and creates a “plasma arc”. This flows through the narrow hole of the cutting tip (normally 0.9mm – 1.5mm) at a temperature of about 25,000 – 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is needed for plasma cutting?

Plasma cutting requires two basic elements — air and electricity — so the next question to ask is what type of input power is available. Several 30-amp plasma cutters, such as the Spectrum® 375 X-TREME™, operate using 120- or 240-volt power.