Which router for slots?

Which router for slots?

Can I use a router as a biscuit joiner?

If you want to make biscuit joints, you don’t have to buy a biscuit joiner. In most cases, a router equipped with a 5/32-in. slot bit can cut perfect slots to fit the biscuits. Mark the biscuit positions on both adjoining boards as you would with a biscuit joiner.

How thick of wood can a router cut?

An 1/8th inch bit, such as those made for RotoZip routers: google.com/… will work. Take the bit size up to a more usual 1/4 inch and you will generate a massive amount of very fine sawdust with each cut you make.

How wide can a router cut?

They’re available in cut diameters ranging from 3/16-inch to 1½ inches and have either one or two ‘flutes’ (cutting arms) depending on how large or fine of a cut you need.