How thick can you laser cut?

How thick can you laser cut?

What is the maximum thickness laser can cut?

The maximum cutting thickness of different materials by 1000W fiber laser cutting machine: the maximum thickness of carbon steel is 10mm; the maximum thickness of stainless steel is 5mm; the maximum thickness of aluminum plate is 3mm; the maximum thickness of copper plate is 3mm; 3.

How thick can a laser be?

In this case, the laser cutting maximum thickness would typically be about 2.75 inches. But that thickness is contingent on those particular variables. The same laser paired with carbon steel could probably only handle up to 1 5/8 inches, while a 4,000-watt laser could only penetrate 1 inch of stainless steel.

How thick can a 6000 watt laser cut?

With a 4,000-watt laser, 3/8-inch-thick carbon steel usually is the maximum practical thickness; with a 6,000-watt laser, material thickness can be increased to 1/2 inch.

How thick can a 12kW laser cut?

Solid state 12kW laser power ensures our ability to achieve excellent feed rates and cutting speeds including the capability to cut mild steel up to 30 mm thick and standard sheet sizes of 3000 mm x 1500 mm with a max weight of 1800 kg for one pallet.

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How thick can a 1000 watt laser cut?

For example, a 1000W laser cutting machine can cut 10mm thick carbon steel, but only 4mm stainless steel. Of course, when the laser power is fixed, the thinner the plate, the faster the cutting speed.

How thick can a 10kw laser cut?

The maximum cutting thickness of different materials for 10kw fiber laser cutting machine: stainless steel maximum thickness 35mm; aluminum material maximum thickness 35mm; carbon steel maximum thickness 40mm.

How thick metal can a laser cutter cut?

Laser cutters can cut all types of metals, from mild steel to stainless and also non-ferrous metals. More reflective metals like aluminium are more difficult to cut. In those instances, fibre lasers are the better option. The thickness of the metal can be anywhere up to 30 mm.

How thick can a 60W laser cut?

60W Laser. You can typically cut up to 8mm acrylic, up to 8mm soft woods using a 60w laser.

How thick can a c02 laser cut?

These gasses are injected through the metal cutting nozzle, resulting in a dross-free cut edge on cut metal. In terms of cutting capabilities, a 400W laser outfitted with the laser cutting option can cut: Mild steel up to 4.8mm thick. Stainless steel up to 3mm thick (with oxygen assist)