can atomstack a5 engrave metal

The Atomstack A5 is a powerful laser engraving machine known for its exceptional metal engraving capabilities. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, this machine offers precise and detailed engravings on a variety of metals, including stainless steel.

Featuring upgraded high-quality lasers and fixed-focus technology, the Atomstack A5 ensures accurate engraving results with a carving area of 410x400mm. Its sturdy full-metal structure provides stability and durability, while integrated stepper motors enable precise movement.

Key Takeaways

  • The Atomstack A5 is a laser engraving machine with superior metal engraving capabilities.
  • It can engrave on various metals, including stainless steel, with high precision and accuracy.
  • The machine features upgraded laser technology and fixed-focus technology for consistent engraving results.
  • Compatible with different engraving software and supporting various file formats, it offers flexibility in design and workflow.
  • The Atomstack A5 is easy to assemble, comes with a protective cover for eye safety, and offers technical support.

Features of the Atomstack A5 Pro

The Atomstack A5 Pro is equipped with several features that enhance its metal engraving capabilities. These features make it an ideal engraving tool for metal projects. Let’s take a closer look at the key features that make the Atomstack A5 Pro stand out:

Ultra-Fine Laser for Precise Engravings

The Atomstack A5 Pro features an upgraded ultra-fine laser with a focal area of 0.23mm*0.23mm. This advanced laser technology allows for precise and detailed engravings on metal surfaces. Whether you’re engraving intricate designs or small text, the Atomstack A5 Pro delivers exceptional accuracy and quality.

Laser Protective Cover for Eye Safety

The Atomstack A5 Pro comes with a laser protective cover that filters UV light and provides eye protection. This safety feature ensures that you can engrave on metal with peace of mind, knowing that your eyes are protected from harmful laser emissions.

Quick Assembly Design and Precise Scale Lines

Setting up the Atomstack A5 Pro is a breeze, thanks to its quick assembly design. You can have the machine up and running in no time, allowing you to start your metal engraving projects quickly. Additionally, the machine features precise scale lines on the X-axis and Y-axis, ensuring accurate positioning and alignment for your engravings.

Integrated Stepper Motor and Shaft for Improved Movement Accuracy

The Atomstack A5 Pro is equipped with an integrated stepper motor and shaft, which enhances movement accuracy during engraving. This feature allows for smooth and precise movements, ensuring that your engravings are crisp and clear.

Compatibility with Engraving Software and File Formats

The Atomstack A5 Pro is compatible with various engraving software, providing you with flexibility and convenience. You can use software like LaserGRBL and LightBurn to control the machine and unleash your creativity. Additionally, the machine supports a wide range of file formats, including NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, and DXF, making it easy to work with different design files for your metal engraving projects.

Laser Power and Engraving Accuracy

One of the key features that sets the Atomstack A5 Pro apart is its exceptional laser power and engraving accuracy. With a laser power of 40W and a laser output power ranging from 5W to 5.5W, this engraving machine delivers impressive performance. The laser wavelength of 445 ± 5nm ensures precise engraving accuracy of 0.01mm, allowing for detailed and intricate designs on a variety of materials.

The high-energy, ultra-fine laser of the Atomstack A5 Pro enables it to effortlessly cut through 12mm thick wood with ease. Moreover, it excels in engraving smooth stainless steel, ceramics, and non-reflective plated metals. The fixed-focus laser eliminates the need for lens rotation, ensuring consistent engraving results and saving time during the process.

Laser Power and Specifications

Laser Power 40W
Laser Output Power 5W – 5.5W
Laser Wavelength 445 ± 5nm
Engraving Accuracy 0.01mm

The Atomstack A5 Pro’s impressive engraving capabilities make it the perfect tool for achieving the best metal engravings. Whether you are creating intricate designs or precise markings, this engraving machine delivers exceptional results consistently. Take your metal engraving projects to the next level with the Atomstack A5 Pro and experience the power of its laser technology.

Compatibility and Software Options

The Atomstack A5 is a versatile engraving machine that seamlessly integrates with various mature engraving software, expanding its capabilities for metal engraving projects. With compatibility for LaserGRBL and LightBurn software, users can leverage the full potential of the Atomstack A5 to create intricate designs on metal surfaces.

Operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Mac OS (with LightBurn) are fully supported, ensuring that users can conveniently utilize the machine with their preferred software and computing environment.

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The engraving machine effortlessly handles multiple file formats, including NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, and DXF. This file format compatibility enables users to work seamlessly with their existing design files, eliminating the need for extensive file format conversion or adaptation.

By offering such diverse software and system compatibility, the Atomstack A5 empowers users to choose their preferred engraving software and seamlessly incorporate the machine into their existing workflows. Whether designers are well-versed in a particular software or are looking to explore new engraving software options, the Atomstack A5 offers the flexibility and versatility needed for all metal engraving endeavors.

Software Compatibility and Supported Operating Systems

Engraving Software Supported Operating Systems
LaserGRBL Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
LightBurn Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS (with LightBurn)

Image: Atomstack A5 engraving machine demonstrating its compatibility with different engraving software and operating systems.

Materials for Metal Engraving with Atomstack A5

The Atomstack A5 is a versatile engraving machine that offers exceptional metal engraving capabilities. In addition to engraving on various metals, including stainless steel, this powerful machine can also create intricate designs on a wide range of materials, expanding its applications beyond metal engraving.

1. Metal Engraving

The Atomstack A5 is specifically designed to engrave on metals, making it a perfect tool for creating personalized metal products, custom jewelry, and industrial parts. With its precise laser technology, the machine can achieve intricate details and sharp lines, resulting in high-quality engravings on metals like stainless steel.

2. Stainless Steel Engraving

When engraving on stainless steel, the Atomstack A5 delivers excellent results, particularly when marking on metal that has undergone plating or spraying processes. These processes can affect the coating or oxide layer on the metal, enhancing the engraving effect. For even more striking engravings, painting the stainless steel black prior to engraving can produce exceptional results.

3. Other Engravable Materials

Aside from metal, the Atomstack A5 can also engrave on a variety of other materials, allowing for diverse crafting projects. The machine’s versatility extends to materials such as:

  • Wood: Create personalized wooden signs, decorative wooden pieces, or engraved wooden accessories.
  • Glass: Add delicate designs to glassware, mirrors, or glass surfaces for a unique touch.
  • Ceramic: Personalize ceramic or porcelain items, such as mugs, plates, or tiles.
  • Plastic (Opaque): Engrave on opaque plastic materials to design custom labels, tags, or personalized items.
  • Cloth: Embellish fabrics with intricate patterns, logos, or personalized designs.
  • Leather: Add a personal touch to leather goods, such as wallets, belts, or keychains.

The Atomstack A5’s ability to engrave on these materials opens up endless possibilities for creative projects and customized products.

Material Engraving Capabilities
Metal (including stainless steel) Exceptional precision and detail
Wood Customizable designs, intricate patterns
Glass Delicate engraving, decorative accents
Ceramic Personalized items, customized designs
Plastic (Opaque) Unique labels, personalized tags
Cloth Embroidered-like designs, personalized fabrics
Leather Customized leather goods, engraved accessories

metal engraving with atomstack a5

Setup and Ease of Use

Setting up the Atomstack A5 metal engraving machine is a breeze, even for beginners. With its quick assembly design, you can have the machine up and running in just 10-20 minutes. The fully integrated structure reduces complexity and ensures a hassle-free setup process. No need to worry about complicated installation procedures.

Installing the laser module is a breeze and requires no advanced technical skills. You’ll find detailed instructions in the user manual that comes with the machine, making it easy to follow along. Plus, the Atomstack A5 is equipped with user-friendly control panels, allowing you to navigate settings and options effortlessly.

If you need any assistance during setup or encounter any issues, Atomstack provides excellent technical support. Their team is ready to help you with any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience from start to finish.

Benefits of the Atomstack A5 Setup:
  • Quick assembly design for easy installation
  • Fully integrated structure reduces complexity
  • User-friendly control panels for effortless navigation
  • Comprehensive user manual for detailed instructions
  • Dedicated technical support for any assistance required

Laser Types and Their Uses

The Atomstack A5 utilizes a blue diode laser with a 445nm wavelength, enabling it to effectively engrave various materials, including metal. This laser technology offers versatility, allowing for engraving on wood, leather, paper, and even paint etching. While the laser performs well on most materials, it may have reduced effectiveness on certain colors and clear acrylics.

In addition to the blue diode laser, the Atomstack A5 also supports infrared lasers, which are particularly suited for marking on specific types of metals like gold, silver, and copper. The machine’s ability to accommodate different laser options enhances its flexibility and expands the range of potential applications. For high-speed metal marking, fiber lasers can be added to the Atomstack A5, further extending its functionality and efficiency.

Comparison Table: Laser Types and Their Uses

Laser Type Materials Applications
Blue Diode Laser Metal, wood, leather, paper Engraving, etching, marking
Infrared Laser Gold, silver, copper Precise marking on specific metals
Fiber Laser (Add-on) Metal alloys, stainless steel High-speed metal marking
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Optimal Settings for Laser Cutting and Engraving

When it comes to laser cutting and engraving with the Atomstack A5, finding the optimal settings for your specific material and machine is crucial to achieve the best results. Consult the user manual or guidelines provided by the manufacturer for recommended settings, as they can vary depending on the application.

One effective approach to finding the ideal settings is to conduct test runs on scrap or sample materials. This allows you to determine the optimal combination of speed and power for your specific engraving needs. By experimenting with different settings, you can fine-tune the laser’s performance and achieve the desired level of precision and depth.

Keep in mind that different materials may require different settings to obtain the desired outcome. For example, engraving on metals like stainless steel may require a higher power output, while engraving on wood or plastic might require a lower power setting. This experimentation process will help you determine the specific parameters needed for each material.

Factors to Consider:

  • The material you are engraving on
  • The desired depth and level of detail
  • The speed at which the laser will move
  • The power output of the laser

By adjusting these variables, you can optimize the laser cutting and engraving process to achieve the desired results. It’s essential to strike a balance between speed and power to prevent overheating or damaging the material and to maintain the overall quality of the engraving.

Remember to document your optimal settings for future reference, as this will save time and effort for future projects.

As you become more familiar with the Atomstack A5 and its capabilities, you’ll develop a better understanding of the optimal settings for various materials. Practice, experimentation, and attention to detail will help you master the art of laser cutting and engraving with the Atomstack A5.

Safety Considerations and Guidelines

When operating the Atomstack A5 engraving tool for metal, it is crucial to prioritize safety to ensure a secure and successful engraving experience. The machine is equipped with a laser protective cover that effectively filters UV light, safeguarding the user’s eyes from potential harm. To maximize safety, it is strongly recommended to always install the protective cover before using the engraving tool.

Additionally, it is important to avoid direct contact with the laser emitter using bare hands. The laser emitted by the Atomstack A5 engraver is powerful and can cause injury if precautions are not taken. Handling the machine with care and avoiding strong impacts will help maintain its integrity and guarantee long-lasting use.

Furthermore, it is essential to supervise children when they are in the vicinity of the engraving machine. Ensuring a safe environment and proper guidance will prevent accidents and injuries.

Safety should always be the top priority when using the Atomstack A5 engraving tool for metal. By following these guidelines, users can enjoy the benefits of this advanced technology while minimizing any potential risks.

atomstack a5 engraving tool for metal

Shipping and Warranty Information

If you’re ready to purchase the Atomstack A5 metal engraving machine, you can find it available for sale on the official Atomstack website. The machine will be shipped to you from different fulfillment centers depending on availability, ensuring a prompt delivery to your location. Shipping times may vary, with US warehouses offering delivery within 1-3 business days, while liner logistic orders can take 7-10 working days for delivery.

Atomstack understands the importance of quality and customer satisfaction. As a result, the company provides a standard 1-year warranty for all new Atomstack A5 machines. This warranty serves to guarantee the machine’s performance and protect against any defects. If you have any questions or require assistance before or after your purchase, Atomstack offers dedicated customer support to address your concerns.

Ensure a worry-free and confident purchase with Atomstack’s secure shipping and comprehensive warranty program.

Shipping Location Shipping Time
US Warehouses 1-3 Business Days
Liner Logistic 7-10 Working Days


The Atomstack A5 is the ultimate solution for metal engraving projects. With its advanced features, including precise laser technology and wide compatibility, this engraver is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Whether you’re working with metal, wood, or other materials, the Atomstack A5 delivers exceptional results with its precision and efficiency.

By investing in the Atomstack A5 engraver, you open the doors to endless possibilities in crafting and creativity. The machine’s versatility allows you to explore various engraving techniques, including detailed designs and intricate patterns on metal surfaces. With its user-friendly design and easy setup, the Atomstack A5 ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for all users.

Experience the power of the Atomstack A5 and unleash your artistic potential. Create personalized gifts, customized jewelry, or professional-grade metal plates with ease. The Atomstack A5 is your reliable companion in metal engraving, offering exceptional quality and precise results. Elevate your craftsmanship and embark on a new level of creativity with the Atomstack A5 engraver for all your metal engraving needs.